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In Serving You Lies our Strength

In Serving You Lies our Strength

Our Dear Esteemed Customer,

On behalf of my colleagues, I like to thank you immensely for your continued patronage, especially at this challenging time in our history. We are inspired by your ingenuity and resilience at supporting us through the thick and thin. Over the past twenty four years, you have given us the rare privilege to serve you and you have been pivotal to our growth. More importantly, we are excited about the opportunities to serve you for decades to come, especially as we leverage our strong foundation and mutual trust in creating new service experience for you. 

Indeed, in serving you, our esteemed customers, we continue to explore new frontiers for our mutual growth; such is the power in serving innovative customers like you, who continue to push boundaries and explore blue oceans. Gracefully, we have collectively surmounted all odds of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past twenty months, leveraging our mutual trust and commitment to service excellence in sustaining activities in the Nigerian Capital Market. We are proud of you, as our source of inspiration. Always knowing that you are by our side, keeps us motivated and energised to seek better ways of serving you. In serving you lies our strength. Innovating to serve you better strengthens our tenacity and stimulates our ingenuity. In essence, serving you, keeps our mission alive and reinforces our vision to be the globally respected and leading central securities depository in Africa. This is the true Power of Service!

Whilst we celebrate you always, we like to specially dedicate this week to our Customer Service team that are ever willing to provide exceptional service in the “mist of this pandemic”. We reiterate our pledge to serving you in the most efficient way that supports your objectives.  In serving you right lies our strategy and the foundation of our mutual growth. We have come a long way with you, and we are excited at the bright future, as we commit ourselves to GROWING TOGETHER with you. 

Thank you.

Cheers to our great future, and a very warm and Happy Customer Service Week. 

Yours truly,


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