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Frequently Asked Questions

CHN is (Clearing House Number). It is a unique number that identifies each investor in the Nigerian Capital Market.

Please be informed that you need to open account with a stockbrokerage firm before you can open a CSCS account.

Kindly click on the link to select an active brokerage firm

Kindly write a letter addressed to The Managing Director, CSCS PLC through your Stockbroker. This is for KYC reasons

Kindly click on the link below to sign up for the online portfolio management –

Please visit any of our offices in Lagos or Abuja with a valid Identity card to conduct a global search of all your shares in the Nigerian Capital market. You can also make this request through your active Stockbrokerage firm.

This is a comprehensive search of an investor’s stocks across the capital market; brokerage firms and Registrars. This will reveal your total portfolio in the Capital market.

The purpose of the CSCS Biometric Capture System is for enhanced management of investors’ identity across the market; thus reducing the incidence of identity theft. The exercise is designed to mitigate the risk of unauthorized sales and increased market transparency. It was also designed to boost investors’ confidence in the Nigeria Capital market. It also assists in reconciliation and consolidation of accounts across Clearing House Numbers (CHN) and Stock Brokerage firms (for investors with multiple accounts).

CSCS Biometric Capture System is compulsory for investors that wish to transfer their stocks from one house to another or those that visit CSCS office to obtain their Stock Position statement.It is important for all investors in the Capital Market that are concerned about their investment protection. It is part of the strategies initiated by CSCS to enhance investors’ protection from unauthorized sales.

We have offices in Lagos and Abuja but Investors in other states can wait till they visit any of our offices if they are not moving their investment from an inactive brokerage firm. Investor outsideour locations that are in the process of moving their stocks from an inactive house to an active house can notarize their valid form of identification as part of the document required for Inter-member transfer.

Please present any of the following valid means of identification;

  1. National ID Card,
  2. International Passport,
  3. Driver’s License,
  4. Voter’s Card

We will need the following information

  1. Your contact detail
  2. Your CHN (Clearing House Number)
  3. Name of Stock broker
  4. Investors BVN.
  5. Investor’s Bank account number.

No, You can only capture on your personal account.

We capture children from the age of 2 years; when they can cooperate and concentrate for few minutes within a strange environment.

You will be required to write an official letter of Nomination (on your Company letter Head) to do biometric on behalf of the company. This should be addressed to Managing Director, Central Securities Clearing System Plc,

Other Requirements

  1. CAC letter of Incorporation
  2. Form 02/07
  3. Valid means of ID of the nominee (Driver’s License, National ID Card, Permanent Voter’s Card or International Passport; expired ID is not acceptable)
  4. Company Bank Account Number.
  5. BVN of the Nominee.
  1. The name on the system needs to be changed to an estate account.
  2. letter of nomination addressed to Md/CEO nominating the individual to be captured on behalf of the estate.
  3. Copy of will/letter of administration.
  4. Valid means if identification, driver’s license, permanent voters card, international passport or National id card.

We have provision for these individuals to submit a notarized identity, a medical report and a confirmation cover letter from the investor’s Stockbroker.

The BVN is part of the identity verification in addition to the feedback from investors during the CSCS account validation review; before we can capture your biometric.

Kindly notarized your authorized means of identification with an approve public notary firm in your state of residence then forward same to your broker for proper identification. Your broker will process your request on your behalf.

Kindly follow the link above to search and engage the services of a new stockbroker to assist in transferring your stocks

Kindly contact the registrar managing the shares of the company you hold. You can also click on the link for registrars to get their information.