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Trade Alert

Trade Alert is a service introduced by the NSE/CSCS to notify investors via SMS whenever there is a transaction on the account of a subscriber at CSCS Plc, The message details sales or purchases made and specifies the volume and price. In the event that the investor did not authorize the transaction, he/she can summarily abort the process by placing a call to CSCS/NSE.

Benefits of Trade Alert:

  1. Stops unauthorized trades before they are concluded.
  2. Provides knowledge of in and out-bound transactions on your account
  3. Makes the management of your stock portfolios in CSCS database automated and easy to control.
  4. Ensures closure of registrar date, bonus, right issues and dividends declamation are relayed to all subscribers
  5. Reduces chances of fraud on your account
  6. Effective control of transactions.
  7. Improves confidence in the Stock market.