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Document Management Service

Organisational operations involve heavy usage of files and sensitive documents that will be continually referenced far into the future.

Research has also shown that organizations without a standard archive lose important information regularly and unknowingly due to improper filing and record keeping.

Hence, CSCS Plc Plc Document Management Service (DMS) provides the finest end-to-end document management solution that is all-encompassing, flexible and user-friendly. With our DMS, clients get reassured efficiency and effectiveness in managing their data with the ability of an authorized user to retrieve records dating back decades within the shortest possible time.

Our document management service (DMS) includes

  • Physical archiving offers physical arrangement, identification, classification and sorting of files and documents in a well-structured and designed storage facility located locally or remotely. The storage location is set up using document management best practices to facilitate better protection of files and documents, reducing risk and manage costs.
  • Document digitization converts physical documents to multiple electronic formats depending on functional requirements. This is an excellent solution for preserving data, preparing scanned data for implementing EDMS, the security of data, and quick retrieval of records and documents.
  • Electronic Document Management System (EDMS): is an incredibly easy, intuitive, and affordable software system to manage large volumes of digital documents which are stored centrally. With EDMS, a large volume of important documents can be accessed within seconds, thereby increasing operational efficiency while providing more security to the physical documents which are archived in extremely secure warehouses.
  • Business process/workflow management: is a customized software solution that allows businesses both large and small define and track varying processes in order to increase efficiency. For example, a project manager can monitor, manage and coordinate individual items, tasks and activities in a single view. In addition, the CSCS Datacenter will cater to the service of digital watermarking in order to ensure document image integrity.

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