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Corporate Governance

We will continue to ensure discipline in the management of our economic resources; particularly human capital, and remain committed to sound governance principles, as these are sacrosanct to our sustainability agenda


As a FMI, the success of our business is dependent on the growth of the market, which in turn is dependent on investors’ confidence in the market and broader client satisfaction. Thus, our strategy is market focused. To achieve this, we are focused on

Process Optimization: We continuously seek to optimize our processes through automation and business re-engineering. More importantly, we push initiatives to enhance market efficiencies, continuously innovate to ensure transaction effectiveness, as well as leverage technologies and collaboration with key stakeholders to achieve lean models across capital market transaction cycles.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is at the heart of CSCS’ strategy, hence, our people and technology strategy revolve around client satisfaction to ensure a productive user experience. We are committed to dedicating all resources to meeting today’s as well as tomorrow’s needs of our customers. It is our culture to continuously exceed expectations.

Technology as a Solution: We continuously invest in our technology to meet emerging needs of investors and offer market-wide solutions. As proactive agents, we seek to be the disruptor, thus embracing new technologies to enhance our operations and broaden opportunities for all market participants. We seek to provide straight-through-processing for all markets and instruments across multiple self-service channels.

Strategic Partnerships: We are in close collaboration with regulators and stakeholder groups to further harmonize the market and drive efficiency through standardization. We partner with credible institutions to develop innovative solutions towards empowering investors and other stakeholders, thereby creating liquidity in the different segments of the Nigerian capital market.

[2017 - 2020]


Advance and improve the quality of life in our communities in partnership with local and global NGOs.


Be actively involved in advocating and actioning activities to become more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible as an organization.


Continue collaborating with other organizations and individuals by connecting ideas and delivering results in areas of shared interest and mutual benefits.


CSCS Plc is committed to sustaining its sound corporate governance practices, which are built on global best principles. The Board has oversight on the company and takes responsibility for setting strategic objectives for the firm; albeit it is assisted by the Board Committees, which are composed of members with specialized skills relating to different aspects of the business. In its supervisory role, the Board ensures that Management consistently delivers sustainable value to shareholders and more importantly the market. Dominated by non-executive directors, the Board is composed of reputable veterans in the Nigerian financial market, with vast experience in the capital and money markets.

The overarching principle of the Board is the sustainability of the business and efficiency of the market. Whilst the Board is committed to creating wealth for shareholders, it also has a primary responsibility for ensuring that the company’s operation promotes market efficiency and sustainable growth.

The Board is Chaired by a Non-Executive Director, who is completely isolated from the daily management of the Company. Albeit, the Board ensures that Management’s decisions align with the Board’s strategic objectives through structured reporting to the Board Committees and the full Board.

CSCS complies with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Code of Corporate Governance, the Companies and Allied Matters Act, the National Code of Corporate Governance issued by the Financial Reporting Council and global best practice standards. In addition, the firm has policies guiding the conduct and ethics of directors and addresses compliance with the law; reporting of violations of the code or of laws or regulations; employment and diversity; confidentiality of information; protection and proper use of the firm’s assets; conflicts of interest; and restrictions on personal investment in the shares of the company. Each director is required to be familiar with and to follow all policies, and the Board Charter as well as the Memorandum and Articles of Association, to the extent applicable to them.